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Growing Followers of Jesus Christ


Date Audio Talk - Click to download or hear talk Text Version Bible Studies
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06/02/11 Revelation 21-22 - Describing the Undescribable, Imagining the Unimaginable Text Version
30/01/2011 Revelation 20 - Christ's reign and Satan's doom Text Version  
23/01/2011 Revelation 18to19 - The Triumph of the Lamb Text Version  
16/01/2011 Revelation 15&16 - The End Text Version  
02/01/2011 Revelation 14 - No Rest for the Wicked Text Version  
26/12/10 Revelation 12-14 - Beauty and the Beast Text Version  
19/12/10 Revelation 11 - The Trials and the Triumph of the Church Text Version  
12/12/10 Revelation 10 - The Sweet and the Sour Text Version The Beginning of the End
Revelation 8-9
29/11/10 Revelation 6 and 7 - The Now and the Not Yet Text Version The Now and not yet
Revelation 6-7
21/11/10 Revelation 4 and 5 - Describing the Indescribable Text Version Describing the indescribable
Revelation 4-5
14/11/10 Revelation 3 - A Dying Church, a Living Church and a Church that makes Jesus Sick Text Version When the light is off and everyone is home
Revelation 3:1-21
07/11/10 mp3 talk on Revelation 2-3 by Jason Summers on RSS feed only, above right   Do you like what you see?
Revelation 2:1-29
31/10/10 Revelation 2 - When the light is off and everyone is home Text Version
17/10/10 Revelation 1 - Winning the game before it begins Text Version When the game is over before it begins
Revelation 1:1-20
Revelation 3:14-22
Text Version
Revelation 2:18-3:13
Text Version
Revelation 2:1-11
Text Version

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